We are all beautiful and unique, making our community an especially great place in which to interact. Have pride in being your best self and know a positive difference is made every time you show your colors!

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We thank all those who enjoy our local events similar to the recent Disney-Pixar Drag Brunch at the Kelly Inn, in February. We also thank you for showing support in the community because a little love goes a long way. St. Cloud Pride wants to create a progressive and safe community but this goal is not attainable without all the wonderful sponsors and people who attend our events. Thank you for keeping our annual Pride in the Park a time to celebrate diversity but most importantly thank you for allowing us to keep education and community support always a top priority.

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Stay tuned for future event postings!


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Want a new way to show support? You can do so in a variety of manners including volunteering, attending meetings, donating and considering sponsoring an event! There are helpful links throughout our website for these opportunities.

If you love what this organization has to offer and want to do your part, please consider donating or sponsoring via the following link.

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