Chest Binder Program

Chest Binding Program

St. Cloud MN Pride, along with CentraCare’s Sexual Gender Medicine Clinic and SCSU LGBT Resource center have partnered up to start offering Chest Binders at no cost to those that experience financial hardship.

A chest binder can greatly assist a person who is experiencing gender dysphoria.  Gender Dysphoria is psychological distress that results from an incongruence between one’s sex assigned at birth and one’s gender identity.  By utilizing a chest binder, it can minimize the appearance of the breasts and improve their mood and self-esteem.

Utilizing a chest binder is considered a gender affirming practice and when used safely and appropriately, can assist in decreasing the incongruence felt by individuals.  You may ask, who utilizes a chest binder?   People assigned female at birth who experience chest dysphoria, meaning they feel uncomfortable with their breasts because they give a distinctly female appearance, and this may not align with their gender identity.

What are the risks of using a chest binder?

First when used per recommendations chest binding is a safe practice.  However, with prolonged wear or a binder that does not fit appropriately, it can lead to: Skin irritation, bruising, chest pain, infection, restricted breathing, back pain or damaged ribs.

Chest Binder Safety Instructions

Where do I learn more about Chest Binding?   This is the organizations we receive the binders from.  They provide sizing videos, how to measure for the appropriate size as well as how to care for the binder itself.

Free chest binders for trans folks who need them | Point of Pride This organization has many resources including for safe chest binding.

Fenway Health Binding Resource

How do these organizations get chest binders?

We are in partnership with Gc2b an organization that makes chest binders.  They offer the chest binders to us for the cost of the postage it costs to mail them to us.  We in turn want to offer these chest binders to those that are in financial need.  A chest binder can cost at the very low end $35 and go upwards.  We will give priority to those that are local to the central MN area.

How do I apply for a chest binder?

Please follow this QR code or link to fill out a short application.

I have some old chest binders that I no longer use, can I donate them?

Yes, you may donate them at SCSU LGBTQ+ Resource Center or Sexual Gender Medicine Clinic.  The binders will be assessed for the ability to reuse safely prior to redistribution.

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